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Why I don’t get easily embarrassed –Xenavonn



A Nigerian-American singer, Xenavonn is undoubtedly one of the rising music divas poised to make waves in the Nigerian music industry.

The ‘Soft Life’ crooner said she doesn’t get embarrassed easily.

“I don’t get embarrassed easily. I feel the only thing close would be performing to a dead crowd, but that is a part of the process for all artists. It’s necessary,” she told Entertainment Reporter

On how music began for her, she said, “Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I recall writing songs and singing them all around my house at a young age of eight.”

Expressing her excitement about featuring on Iyanya’s latest comeback album ‘Once Upon a Cat’, she added, “The experience was amazing. Iyanya is so very talented and overall a great personality. I am truly grateful to him and Ubi Franklin for giving me the opportunity.”

Asked if she feels pressured to put in more work than her male counterparts, she said: “Yes and No. I feel like I have to put in more work than anybody. Not men in particular. I hope that one day I can be called the best, not the best female anything. Navigating life as a Nigerian-American artist has not been easy, but by the grace of God, I am learning every single day with the new experiences I have.”