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Boko Haram burnt our house in Jos while we were inside-Susan Pwajok



Actress, Susan Pwajok has opened up on how her family house was razed by the Boko Haram insurgency in Jos, Plateau state.

The actress was featured in a recent episode of Surviving Lagos podcast alongside Carol Pwajok, her mother.

During the interview, Pwajok said “Boko Haram fighters burnt our house down to the ground while I was inside with my grandparents and cousins”.

The 21-year-old actress said the terrorists destroyed her grandfather’s vehicles. She added that her family managed to escape the fire.

 “I was in Jos when they attacked our house. Boko Haram burnt our house down to the ground,” she said.

“We were in the house, I was with my cousins, my mum was in Lagos, we were about to travel. My grandpa, my two cousins and my grandma crawled to the garden to hide and we watched the house burning down.

“They burnt my grandfather’s hilux, benz, and all our properties. Imagine watching your whole life just coming down.

 “That was my childhood house and my mum’s childhood house and they had to rebuild the house. Those are the memories that I hold onto and these are the things that keep me going.”

Pwajok is known for her role as Blessing in ‘The Johnsons’, the family sitcom.

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