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From Instagram to America’s Got Talent: Visibility Lessons from Josh2funny




Josh2funny, popular Nigerian skit maker and comedian recently made a memorable appearance on episode 10 of America’s Got Talent. While he didn’t progress to the next round, his appearance on the show left a lasting impact and showcased valuable visibility lessons for aspiring entertainers and creators. Here are four key takeaways from Josh2funny’s bold and unconventional performances:

  1. Embrace Unconventional Approaches: Josh2funny’s appearance on America’s Got Talent emphasized the power of embracing unconventional approaches to stand out. Instead of following a traditional routine, he took the stage three times with wildly different personas – a fast reader, the fastest rapper in the world, and a bearded magician. This willingness to break away from norms captured the audience’s attention and set him apart from other contestants. Normal is boring. Businesses offering similar products or services can easily get lost in the noise. Differentiation helps your brand rise above the clutter and attract attention. Attention is the currency of marketing.

    2. Confidence is Key: One of the most remarkable aspects of Josh2funny’s performance was his firm confidence. Even though his acts were intentionally absurd and humorous, his confidence in delivering each persona was obvious. Confidence not only helps performers overcome nerves but also resonates with audiences, making them more likely to engage and connect with the act.

3. Adaptability and Resilience: Josh2funny’s appearance showcased his remarkable adaptability and resilience. When his initial act as a fast reader didn’t lead to progression, he swiftly transformed into a clown-like figure, claiming to be the fastest rapper. This quick adaptability not only entertained the judges and the audience but also displayed his ability to pivot creatively in response to changing circumstances – a skill essential in the entertainment industry and in life at large. Adaptable individuals go far compared to people who are rigid when it comes to change.