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Ex-BBA star, Tayo Faniran lists conditions for accepting movie role



Tayo Faniran, Big Brother Africa runner-up and actor, has outlined the requirements that a film script and producer must meet in order for him to accept an acting role.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the former reality star revealed what he looks for in a movie script.

Faniran stated that his role in a film is the most important factor he considers.

He said, “First thing I look out for when I’m giving a script is my positioning in the story. I think I’m a leading man.

“I have all it takes to be a lead actor. And apart from that, I just love to be the best in what I do. I’m looking for a character that is going to showcase my potential. And in most cases, it’s always the lead character or the supporting lead character.

“The second thing I look out for is that I don’t want to be stereotyped. I don’t like maybe every script that comes, play boy or lover boy, or bad guy or something like that. I like to look for diversity; something that will give me the leverage to show my flexibility.

“And then I look out for the people producing the film as well. The class of the film. Is it going to go out? Are people going to see it? Is it going to add something to my career? Then I consider the money. Is the money worth my time? I’m a businessman, I’ve other things to do. So, I just weigh it down. Even if it’s not about the money, it should be worth my time.”

Recall that Tayo Faniran made his blockbuster debut in Amazon Prime Video’s first African original ‘Gangs Of Lagos’ which was released in April.

He played the role of Ninalowo, aka Nino, a notorious but kindhearted gang leader in Isale Eko.

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