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Mercy Chinwo now charges N10m to perform in churches – Rev. Fr. Oluoma



Rev. Fr. Oluoma, Mercy-Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo, a well-known gospel singer, now demands N10 million to perform in churches, according to Rev. Fr. Chinenye Oluoma, a Catholic priest in the Abuja Archdiocese.

He stated this while criticizing how expensive religious worship has become.

Father Oluoma criticized gospel musicians who demand high fees to perform in a place of worship in a now-trending video on social media.

The cleric used Mercy Chinwo as an illustration and reiterated in a popular video that the singer demands N10m to perform in churches.

“We have made religious worship expensive. If I have to bring Mercy Chinwo to come here and sing, how much will I pay her? How much does a gospel artiste of Mercy Chinwo’s status charge to come to an event or in a Church, it has reached N10m now.

“This is the tragedy that we have turned Christianity into, that an artiste will come to a church and lead in ten minutes praise and worship for N10m, N5m. So if that particular artiste doesn’t sing Jesus you love me too much, that means God didn’t love you too much?

“And some people were asking should they be paid?Why didn’t you pay them? If you must bring them you must pay them because what you are bringing them for is entertainment. We have turned worship into entertainment.

“We have copied the world. In those days, those who composed songs we are still using for worshipping nobody even knows them,” he said.



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