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Actress Temidayo Morakinyo accuses colleague Papa Show of assault on movie set



Temidayo Morakinyo, a rising actress, has accused her older colleague Shoneye Olamilekan nicknamed Papa Show of abuse.

Temidayo posted footage on Instagram Story on Thursday to support up her accusations, claiming the event occurred on a film set in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Her crying and bleeding lips may be seen in the videos. On Thursday, the actress claimed that Papa Show hit her in the face after she reported his excesses to her supervisor.

Temidayo explained what occurred, saying she was on a movie set on Wednesday when Papa Show angrily asked her to get him a drink. She also reported that she felt mocked by the way he spoke to her, but she did what he instructed.

The actress informed her superiors, Niyi Johnson and Afeez Seriki, who promised to look into the matter.

In the video she posted, people on set are seen holding Papa Show back.

Temidayo said, “I think one of them called him yesterday afternoon and he came to the set with some people to beat me up. He kept punching me in the face and raining curses on me.

“People were holding him but he refused to let go of me until he broke my lip with his fist.”

She added that her family was calling for justice as the assault has allegedly left her in pain.

“My family is asking for justice Show Olamilekan beat me up because of origin drink. I be your maid?

“I did not say anything you oppressed fine. And u came back this afternoon to beat me up because I reported you to people that can stop from repeating the same thing.

“Pls, what is my offense pls? I went to where you sent me I delivered without saying pim or giving attitude. Only for me to see u beating me because I reported to my body and bro Niyi,” she said.


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