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‘Stop mentioning my name’ – Opeyemi Falegan slams Nkechi Blessing



Opeyemi Falegan, an Ekiti state businessman and politician, responded to Nkechi Blessing’s claim that she used him as a “rebound” to get over her American ex-boyfriend Mike Adeyemi.

The businessman berated the actress on his Instagram story for saying that he used him to retaliate against Adeyemi.

Earlier, EntertainmentReporter reported that Blessing dated the politician to spite Adeyemi.

He criticised her, calling it dysfunctional for her to keep putting her name next to his, and he further urged her followers to provide her with content because he thought she was lacking it.

He wrote: “This girl will never stop mentioning my name kilodeeeee (what happened)? Once I have a reason to go, I will never find an excuse to come back. U no get content again (Don’t you have content again)?

“Attaching my name to yours is dysfunctional, just stop mentioning my name abeg (please). Someone should please give her contents, she sounds really empty now.”