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Bbnaija Season 7: Adekunle and Sheggz engage in a heated argument (VIDEO)



On Tuesday night, level one roommates Sheggz and Adekunle nearly got into a fight over what appeared to be food.

A few words were exchanged before the altercation got physical. Sheggz referred to Adekunle as “dumb,” adding that he attended a better university than him.

Adekunle became agitated when he was called “stupid”. He claimed that he “was ready to fight” Sheggz, even if it resulted in getting a strike.

Before things became physical, the Level 1 housemates were able to break up the argument.

The housemates’ relationship had not been particularly good before their argument. Sheggz had expressed his mistrust of the former Head of House on several occasions, particularly when it came to his perception that Adekunle could not be trusted.


See Video Below: