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“As commitment is a choice, so also is divorce”- Comedian, Ushbebe gives his two cent on marriage



Stand-up comedian and actor Justice Nuagbe, popularly known as Ushbebe has provided marriage-related counsel for young people.

According to the versatile and gifted actor who was born into a polygamous family in Kaduna, Nigeria,

“be sure of what they want before getting into marriage. They shouldn’t marry because their friends are getting married. They should know the person and family background. Guys shouldn’t wait until they have all the money in the world. I got married when I just started my career and I didn’t have much but everything fell into place in the long run and I reaped the blessings afterwards.”

Comedian Ushbebe

Comedian Ushebe and his family

The 40-year-old, who has been married for nine years, also spoke his thoughts on divorce and how his marriage was doing.

He said:

“We have been pushing. So far so good God has been faithful. Every day we get to keep building the home irrespective of whatever plans or goals we set. My wife does a lot taking care of our son and working at the same time. I am of the school of thought that if one wants to do something, one will do it. If one chooses to stay married, one will. We are not in the league of those who choose to quit. We try to accommodate each other. There are many celebrities that have been married for years so I believe staying married is a choice. If one gets tired of their spouse easily then probably they weren’t meant to be together.”

“As commitment is a choice so also is divorce. I’m not an advocate for divorce because I believe it’s beautiful to stay married regardless of the challenges that might come with it. As long as one has chosen to marry, then one should try to stay married. People need to learn to compromise because marriage is beyond one’s principles and policies. Some people divorce because of infidelity, that is a choice but I believe there is still room for forgiveness. In church, we are taught that marriage is for a lifetime and I live by that principle. The only time I accede to divorce is on the grounds of domestic violence. I don’t support staying in an abusive marriage.”


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