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Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter regains freedom from police custody



Jasmine ‘Okafor’ Okeke, the adopted daughter of ailing actor John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, has been released from police detention.

On November 23, Mr Ibu’s former manager Emeka Chochoo revealed that the police had summoned Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s sons Daniel and Val for questioning.

Mr Chocoo stated that they had been summoned for interrogation regarding Mr Ibu’s account.

“Yes, they were all invited by the police. I won’t call it arrest, the police invited them over Mr Ibu’s account. However, Val is left out as he knows nothing about what’s been happening. He just returned to the country.

“I have not been able to reach any of them,” Chochoo told Punch.

However, On Tuesday actress Doris Ogala who first made the public aware of the situation, shared a video of Jasmine and an unidentified man who claimed Jasmine has been cleared of all the allegations.

“Finally, the case about Jasmine and Ibu’s family has been resolved, after the investigation, we found out that all the money moved to so so account, that Jasmine Okeke, did not partake in moving any funds,” the man said in the video shared via Instagram.

In another video with Jasmine, the man continued: “We are not dragging anybody, the reason why I’m here is to clear everything rumour going on because if we no drag am like that we will not get enough fact. Nigerian police have done marvellously well that every account traced, she did not have a part because Nigerian police tried every possible means to make sure there is no link.”

The man also claimed nothing was found in Jasmine’s account but another member of the family whose name he withheld highjacked the funds donated for the actor’s surgery.

Mr Ibu’s health struggles made the news in October when a video of the actor soliciting for help was released on his official page.

The movie star celebrated his 63rd birthday in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos on Tuesday, October 17.

He revealed in a video posted on Instagram on a Wednesday that he needed financial support so his leg would not be amputated.

His leg was, however, cut off in November.

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