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2023 Election: Again, actress Chioma Chukwuka attacked by thugs in Polling unit



Once more, thugs disrupted Chioma Chukwuka’s voting unit, and this time, according to her, they stopped people from pulling out their phones to take pictures or videos.

The Nollywood actress, who had previously been attacked during the presidential election, posted a warning about the danger to her life on her Instagram page.

She explained that when she arrived at her polling place and pulled out her phone to record the events, some thugs attacked her with knives and bottles.

Chioma Akpotha and the others quickly left the area by hopping into their cars, but their vehicles took the brunt of their ire as they vandalized some of it.

Recounting the incident, she said:

“Today is just the worse I couldn’t even being out my phone to record or to say I am at my polling unit. As I brought out my phone, this guy’s attacked me with knives and bottles, I had to run out. They destroyed my side mirrors, hit my car. I don’t even know the damage done to my car cause I ran out for my life”.

Watch the video below:

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