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Men, women insult me for having big boobs- Uju Mandy



Busty actress, Uju Mandy has averred that men and women insult her for having big boobs.

Mandy who is known to flaunt her boobs on social media made this known in a chat with The Sun.

 “As a lady with plus-size boobs, I face lots of challenges, especially insults from people. I mean plenty of insults from both men and women. Some even body-shame me because of my big boobs. While some will say that my sense is in my breasts, others will say all sorts of unkind words, but I don’t really care. Recently, someone insulted me, saying I don’t have sense and that I reason with my big breasts,” she lamented.

Mandy, however, shared reasons she is not willing to settle down anytime soon. “I am very scared of marriage. It is not easy. In fact, I am not ready for now because I am scared of divorce. Men will always cheat because they are polygamous in nature. Even, ‘jazz’ cannot stop a man from cheating. I am not a saint; I have also cheated on my partner. I caught him cheating on me, so I cheated in return. If I get married and my husband cheats, I’ll not leave the union. I’ll forgive him and we iron things out. Married women cheat too,” she stated.


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