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There are cliques in Nollywood-Jemima Osunde



Actress and and Doctor of Physiotherapy, Jemima Osunde has revealed that there are cliques in Nollywood. Osunde made this known as a guest on ‘Real Talk, a show hosted by actress, Bisola Aiyeola.


When asked if there are cliques in Nollywood, the ‘Quams Money’ actress said: ”Unfortunately yes. It should not be, but it is. There are definitely cliques, groups of people that makes things happen that you have to be affiliated with if you want to be part of them. There are some cliques that doesn’t like certain cliques so if you are working with this clique you cannot work with the other clique. Fortunately for me, I am a member of many of the cliques. I am everybody’s friend, I don’t share people’s battles. If you are fighting somebody, well and good I wish you guys all the best .It’s not my daddy’s business. It does not affect my life and my destiny. When anyone wants to work with me, I will show up and do the job”.


Sharing her thoughts on if roles should be given based on talent or familiarity, she said: “Roles should be given based on talent. It should be based on talent. You are an actor, it’s unfair to people who actually have the talent and are dedicated to their craft. This is all that they know. I think it’s highly unfair to them”

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