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IWD 2022 Special: 10 breaking barriers in skit making



The Nigerian woman has definitely come into her own,  having broken barriers in various industries over the years, both locally and internationally. In commemoration of the International Women’s Day, The Entertainment Reporter takes a look at women breaking barriers in the skit making industry in no particular order.



Taaooma’s venture into the social media world of skit making was entirely by coincidence. The famous skit maker said she had to practice editing videos and so she began making videos as a result, she explained in an interview with CNN.Today she is one of the most influential women making waves in that industry.

The Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management graduate, was featured in a CNN interview and served as the muse for Media Room Hub’s July Issue in 2021, where she opened up about her personal experience with sexual abuse.



Gloria Oloruntobi better known as Maraji is known for her dexterity and delivery as a skit maker. Working in a comedy world that is dominated by men, Maraji is one the few comedy influencers breaking the glass ceiling. Every comedy skit from hers proudly touches on societal issues.



Bukunmi Adeaga a.k.a Kiekie is an actress, content creator and skit maker. She has made skits with the likes of Mr Macaroni, Broda Shaggi, Mc Lively and others. She used to be known only as a TV personality until she added skit making to her portfolio and has won over an impressed larger audience.


Anita Asuoha (Real Warri Pikin)

Anita Asuoha, aka Real Warri Pikin, is one of the most followed skit makers in Nigeria. She is also beautiful with curves that make some of her male fans drool in excitement. Her skits are usually laden with deep messages that makes fans marvel at her wisdom. Real Warri Pikin doesn’t just feature in comedy skits, she has also starred in movies such as ‘Fate of Alakada’ and ‘Merry Men 2’.


Chinonso Ukah (Nons Miraj)

Chinonso Ukah, popularly known as Nons Miraj, is a skit maker and actress. She is one of the leady ladies making waves in the Nigerian skit making industy. Nons Miraj often play the role of an old woman called ‘Ada Jesus’ in her comedy skits.


Kemi Ikuseedun (Mummy Wa)

Actress and skit maker, Kemi Ikuseedun, is more popular as ‘Mummy wa’, the fictional wife to a popular social media character, Mr Macaroni, played by Debo Adebayo. In a short while the jolly entertainer  has won hearts with her fictional characters.


Dat Warri Girl

Oluwatoyin Albert a..k. a Tomama Datwarrigirl has written her name in gold as a skit maker.Armed with creativity, resilience and passion, the svelte actress has worked with the likes of Senator, Buchi, I Go Save, amongst other established entertainers.


Diva Gold

Aluko Adetola Gold is an actress , skit maker and social media influencer.The curvy entertainer is also big on tiktok with over four hundred thousand followers. Her skit usually centres on relationship issues and lot’s more.


Ash Musy

Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy is a Nigerian actress, comedienne, social media influencer and content creator. She is popular for acting in a myriad of comedy skits.  Ash is one skit maker worth paying attention to.


Miz Gabbie

Gabriel Omozele a.k.a Miz Gabbie or Flora 222 is a Nigerian online comic better known as Miz Gabbie.

In a short while, she has been able to carve a niche for herself with her skits often centred on her interfering in people’s businesses. Miz Gabbie performed at the Zicsaloma comedy show held in London recently.