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Nigerian men are married to lesbians cheating under their roof



Faith Morey

Nigerian supermodel and actress Faith Morey has said that a lot of Nigerian men are unknowingly married to lesbians.

In a series of videos shared via her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the actress said these lesbians cheat in their matrimonial homes.

“So I’m about to shake a table nobody ever talks about. This conversation, especially in Lagos and my question, is how many men in Nigeria are married to lesbians without them knowing,” she said.

“And these lesbians are cheating under their roof. Okay, let’s get into it…so these partners could be their best friends and girlfriends for years. And the husband will be cool with it because she’s a girl not knowing that’s her lover.”

Morey is a Nigerian-born model and actress based in the United States of America.

The former basketballer turned model made a break in the fashion industry in 2009 after participating in The Next Supermodel competition.

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