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Daddy Freeze reacts as actress Sonia Ogiri flaunts enhanced breasts



In a recent Instagram live session with media personality Daddy Freeze, Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri showed off her newly toned body.

The actress, who just had breast augmentation surgery, demonstrated various angles of her enhanced breasts to the OAP during the session.

She said, “I will show you [my breasts] then we can now forward the discussion. Everything is looking good. You can see the breasts, so it’s not like what you think. Can you see it? Can you see the boobs?

“I’m still wearing my scarf. Yeah, I agree this is how I wanted it looking like that. Yeah, it’s what I wanted.”

An awestruck Daddy Freeze quizzed, “Is this one not too much? What if you are in a car and you break suddenly?”

The actress replied, “Yeah, you have seat belts. You have seat belts.”

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