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Why my daughter returned to school where she was poisoned – Ronke Oshodi-Oke



Ibironke Ojo-Anthony, also known as Ronke Oshodi-Oke, a popular actress, took to social media a few days ago to reveal that her daughter was allegedly poisoned at school.

She stated in an interview with Saturday Beats that even though the girl had returned to school, her (Ronke’s) mind had not been at ease.
She said, “I cannot be at peace letting her go back to the same school. I have called her more than five times today (Thursday). Whenever I call and she does not answer the phone, I would be worried. However, I know the people in the school would have seen the video I made. I will still go there on Monday to have a meeting with them. If they don’t tell me what I want or respond well, that is when I will mention the name of the school. We don’t know the people who actually did it, but according to them (the school), they are investigating the issue.”

Oshodi-Oke also stated that the poisoning had nothing to do with her being a popular person. She said, “This did not happen to me because I am a public figure. There have been similar cases of children even losing their lives in similar circumstances.

“The devil is living in some people’s children. The children we are talking about here are between the ages of 16 and 20. I see them as children, and I wonder why such children could think of doing something so evil. When they become proper adults, what would they then do?”

She however stated that she didn’t let the girl return to school without some strong warnings. She said, “I did not let her go back without strong warnings. I told her that whenever she wants to eat, she should be careful. I also told her that she should never leave her food or drink unattended to for whatever reason, even if she is going to the toilet.”

The actress added that the school fees of the child in question amounted to N1.3m yearly.


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