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Why I don’t believe in marriage – Mellisa Osagie



Mellisa Osagie, an actress, has stated that she does not believe in marriage.

She stated in an interview with Saturday Beats, “I do not believe in the idea of marriage. I was almost married but I called it off. I believe in the idea of companionship. If one is compatible with one’s partner, one does not need a ring to show that one is committed. It does not validate marriage.”

In response to the issue of older women being advised to have children outside of marriage when marriage is not forthcoming, Osagie stated,
“Marriage as an institution has to do with bearing kids. Marriage or no marriage, it is very important for one to have a child. If not for now, at least for old age; even if it has to be done through surrogacy.”

Recalling some of the sacrifices she had made in relationships, she said, “The sacrifice I have made is giving my time. Time is something one can invest and never get returns on. The longest time I have spent in a relationship was four years. There was nothing to learn from that relationship. I just grew past it.”


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