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“There is more unity in Islam than Christianity” –Yetunde Bakare



Yetunde Bakare, a Nigerian actress, has spoken publicly about her experiences with Islam and Christianity.

In an Instagram story, she revealed that she believed the Muslim community was more united than the Christian community.

She also stated that Muslims and Christians may have distinct attitudes toward those with whom they disagree or dislike.

Yetunde asserts that although a Christian would smile at someone they detest or disagree with, generating a sense of tension and insincerity, a Muslim would be plain and direct if they did not like someone.

She wrote;

“I’ve tried both…I was born into one but got converted into the other one. There’s more unity in Islam than Christianity. If a Muslim doesn’t F with you, you”ll know it in capital letters but a Christian will detest you and be smiling you at the same time! my opinion. Love and light to all Religions.”

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