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Prophetess predicts outcome of Presidential election



Prophetess Olubori

Prophetess Olubori, based in the United Kingdom, has revealed the outcome of the Presidential election as seen in a vision.

A video of the Prophetess has gone viral, in which she gives a detailed breakdown of the election process and predicts the winner.

According to the video, Olubiri claimed that God wanted Peter Obi to win the election in the spiritual realm. However, after the votes were counted, Atiku came in first place. Regardless, Tinubu was expected to be declared the winner.

Furthermore, the Prophetess predicted that the election would not produce a clear winner, and that all three presidential candidates would appeal to the Supreme Court.

Addressing her audience, the Prophetess stated that she has cordial relationships with candidates from all three major parties – APC, PDP, and Labour – and that she is not biased towards any of them.

She went on to declare that she does not vote because she is a resident of Britain. Despite this, she confidently predicted that Atiku would receive the majority of the votes, but that Tinubu would be declared the winner.

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