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How my lover broke my heart on Valentine’s Day – Chantel Igwe



Chantel Igwe, a Nollwood actress, recalled her most embarrassing Valentine’s Day and how she was heartbroken by her school boyfriend.

According to the leggy, fair-skinned actress, the events of that day will linger in her mind forever.

In an interview with Saturday Sun the screendiva said: “When I was in my third year in school, I had a boyfriend who is also a student but in a different school. So, during Valentine, he invited me over to his place. His friends and family members know we are dating. He sent money and everything I needed to come around and I did went over. On that fateful Valentine’s Day, a lady walked into the house and met us together. She then asked to see him in private. He went outside with her to have a discussion. He came back to tell me he’s writing exam for the lady’s brother.”

She continued, “Later same evening, we went to hang out and met same lady on our way back. Again, they had two aside. He gave same excuse. Well, I later stayed few more days and decided to go back to school.

On my way back, I discovered I forgot something very important and had to head back to his house. Right there, I met him with same lady in a very compromising position. I confronted him and he said the lady has been throwing herself at him. Things get me easily irritated, so I just dumped him despite all his pleas. I can’t forget that day.”

Chantel Igwe who last week lost her dear mother to the cold hands of death, listed what she would be remembered for.

“I feel sad, so sad that she left so soon, it shouldn’t be now, not ready for that kind of sad news. There are lot of things, I would remember her for. She’s so strong, stronger than most men. she’s hard working, she did different types of businesses to make sure her family survived,” she said.

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