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Actress Iyabo Ojo hits back at Wale Akerele for calling her ‘ashawo’ over support for Peter Obi



Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, has reacted to a social media influencer, Wale Akerele, who called her a ‘ashawo’ (prostitute) for supporting her preferred presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

It’s no secret that the Yoruba actress has been subjected to a slew of verbal attacks and threats since declaring her support for Labour Party (LP) flag bearer Peter Obi ahead of the upcoming election in February.

The mother of two stated this in a lengthy post on her verified Instagram page, in which she warned netizens to stop bullying celebrities who do not support their choice.

Despite her pleas for peace, a popular social media influencer, Wale Akerele, called her out and slammed her for choosing Peter Obi over Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Asiwaju).

Wale Akerele further called Iyabo Ojo, a prostitute over her choice of candidate. Sharing his post and slamming him in response, the actress wrote:

“Who is this one, animal, place, or thing?……….. Akowere, trust me, you’re a product of Alasewo bcos your mother, wife & sidehens are all bonafide memebers.”

Recall Iyabo Ojo had earlier stated that many people fighting and bullying celebrities online fail to understand that the politicians have friends, and would be amazed at how they relate behind closed doors.

The movie star noted that she strongly believes in Peter Obi and whether he wins or not, she is supporting him because her dreams and vision align with Peter Obi’s agenda. Iyabo Ojo wrote:

“I do not understand why some people on social media has resulted to insulting other people who are not in support of their political candidate, it’s democracy & everyone is entitled to support who so ever they wish to support, if you don’t like their choice fine vote your choice, one thing you must understand is this politicians are friends behind close doors & they or their children will never loss a sweat nor blood because of you, please! Please!! please!!! stop bullying people that are not supporting your own candidate, ejor.

“We’re all different, so our views defer, we see things differently & reason differently, politics is not a do or die, it’s not war, i will not make enemies or fight with any of my friends, colleagues or family who decides to vote their choice of candidate no matter how much we both disagree on our believes….. please let’s all embrace peace & not lose focus.”

“I Alice Iyabo Ojo strongly believes in Peter Obi & i stand Obedient in my choice whether he wins or not because my vision & dreams for my country alliance with the Obedient agenda…

“You also have a right to yours & and at the end of the day, one common interest we should all have is building a better Nigeria.”

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