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“How living in the US has made me deeply frustrated” Omotola Ekeinde speaks out



Omotola Ekeinde, a Nollywood actress who moved to the US with her family, has opened up about how her time abroad changed her.

The mother of four revealed in a post on her Instagram story that she has seen many things that Nigerians have tolerated and managed during her two years in the US.

Omotola expressed her anger at the needless suffering endured by Nigerians. She believes that we are too intelligent to be in pain.

She conveyed to common Nigerians the message that suffering is evil and not something to be proud of.

Omotola questioned why people must suffer to get anything done.

“After living in the US Now for about 2 years… Not just visiting but living and changing systems.

I now see many things we managed and let slide is just pure craziness.

I’m deeply frustrated at the depth and volume of the needless suffering Nigerians go through.

We are too intelligent a people to suffer like this.

Suffering is not lessons to brag about… It’s Evil. Why must people SUFFER to get anything done? Why?!”.


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