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Blackmailer has my nude video, Ibadan broadcaster laments



Yemi Sonde, an Ibadan-based broadcaster, reported on Tuesday that he was being threatened with blackmail over some nude videos.

In a statement, Sonde, the chairman of the Yemi Sonde Media Group and owner of the radio station YES FM, claimed that when the blackmailer sent him a video of him by himself in his bedroom in response to his request to see the nude video.

He claimed that the blackmailer, who identified himself as being from Cote d’Ivoire, had repeatedly asked him for payments ranging from N500,000 to N1.5 million if he wanted the video to be removed from social media.

He said the blackmailer also contacted some of his (Sonde’s) friends with the video to force Sonde to part with the blackmail money.

The broadcaster further said that the blackmailer demanded to be paid urgently or the video would be circulated all over social media in order to embarrass him, his family, and destroy his businesses.

“I am issuing this release to let Nigerians know that some powerful individuals who are bent on destroying me have orchestrated this blackmail. I don’t know what I did to necessitate this but I know that they will fail,” said Sonde.

The broadcaster added, “I suspect some high net-worth individuals in society who got the blackmailer to go after me, having hitherto sworn to take me down.”


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