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Lasisi Elenu, fiancée welcome first child



Nosa Afolabi, better known as Lasisi Elenu, a Nigerian comedian and skit maker, and his fiancee, Nonso Adika, have welcomed their first child together.

On Sunday, he posted on his verified Instagram page that his newborn baby girl had been born.

Elenu shared a timeline of her pregnancy and confirmed that the baby would be born on October 4, 2022, and would be named Rain Olanma Oluwanifemi Afolabi.

“Blessings, they say, come in different shapes and sizes, and this time, ours came in the shape of a beautiful, colourful, and extraordinary baby.

“I personally had a gaze of disbelief when you were born, as I was lost for words, just admiring and appreciating the goodness of God for a blessing this big.

“Another bigger blessing is having a strong vessel as a wife. Understanding that women are the strongest people on earth, but you my beautiful wife is one hell of a woman and your strength is unarguably from the highest source.

“I saw you go through so many phases in a 9-month span and had the best insight into what it felt like to carry a child. @heynonso. At some point, I also felt pregnant because I remembered wanting the smell of used engine oil for no reason.

“We have been blessed with a handful of joy, a storehouse of abundance, the greatest gift I ever got through your existence and it’s too much to hold in.

“Damn, Sinzu Money is a father. Welcome, Rain Olanma Oluwanifemi Afolabi. You are a blessing to this generation. @heybabyrain.


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