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Reactions trail as Nigerian lady dies during plastic surgery in New Delhi




Nigerians have taken to social media to express their disapproval of the circumstances surrounding the death of Amelia Pounds, a businesswoman from the country who reportedly passed away while undergoing body enhancement surgery.

Amelia died on Friday in New Delhi, India, as a result of complications during liposuction surgery.

In a viral social media video, an unidentified doctor is heard apologising to her after her death.

Below are some reactions from Nigerians:

@CaptHybrid; “Na wa oooo, in your next life, contentment should be your watchword.”

@Helenlu80508776: “Even God would be disappointed it’s better to give ur kidney or important organs to the needy and die in the process than in the name of beauty, anyways RIp.”

@Bhadman36423613: “This one use her money commit suicide, I dey imagine wetin you go tell God.”

@hannah_imoleayo: “People are not grateful for what God gave them.”

@ighosele: “For those that don’t know their purpose in life. This is how they end.”

@Timmydennyd: “Peer Pressure will continue to implicate you if you don’t desist from it.”

@AntiosShalom: “Always be contented with what you have, nyash wey big, go still reduce, prick wey long, go still short. As you are growing and reproducing, your body system changes as well, appreciate yourself the way you are. A lesson to others.”

@stoneofhelp26: “Amelia how would you explain your death to God now? Anyways RIP.”


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