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Actor Sanyeri’s wife announces divorce after 15 years



Omolara Olaiya, wife of actor Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri, has announced their divorce after 15 years.

On Sunday morning, Omolara revealed the shocking information in an Instagram post, stating that she wanted to dispel any misconceptions about her marriage and personal life.

They have been apart for nine years, she also disclosed.

The Canadian-born businesswoman claimed that she had chosen happiness over drama while still maintaining a friendly relationship with the actor for the benefit of their children.

Additionally, the woman gave a warning to those intruding on her private life, telling them to mind their own business.

She wrote: “This is to clarify some misconceptions concerning my marriage and private life people need to be mindful of being judgemental to adults especially the ones with kids can decide to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children it doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing not everyone wants the media in their Private lives as such people should and devil to mind their business.

“I’m in having been single for exactly 9 years and co-parenting with my ex-husband hasn’t been all bed of roses for us even if we are no longer living in the same country I still do well to perform my rightly duties and what is expected of a single mother and a woman with kids also he does the same duties and fatherly rights for our children. If in all of this you still choose to be insensitive please don’t bring it here henceforth I won’t tolerate anyone interfering in my private life I choose happiness over drama and so be it thanks I remain on Omolara Olaiya Jimoh.”

Sanyeri and Omolara got married in 2007.

They are blessed with two children.


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